About us

LSC Hackbridge is a joint venture between London Strategic Consulting and Hackbridge.

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Based in Europe’s largest fintech centers and tech hubs, LSC Hackbridge is the first student-run digital consultancy based in London and Cambridge. Bringing together the most inventive technologists from the University of Cambridge and the sharpest business minds from UCL, LSE and KCL, LSC Hackbridge is a digital consultancy that — unlike most student-run consultancies, for-profit or not — has the technical capability to deliver fully functional prototypes in addition to a world-class strategy consulting team.

London Strategic Consulting

London's premium student-run non-profit consultancy serving leading corporates and start-ups.

LSC is a not-for-profit student-run consultancy formed as a subsidiary of UCL Business Society but with membership from UCL, LSE and King’s College London. LSC aims to empower students who have a keen interest in the areas of consulting and entrepreneurship, with first hand business experiences.


Hackbridge is a student-run student society registered with the University of Cambridge. Hackbridge aims to provide opportunities for students to work on challenging and collaborative projects that push them to develop new skills and challenge their limits. Hackbridge members are driven by innovation, entrepreneurship and the passion to learn and practice they have learnt.